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Lilli Miss is
a bestseller!

Notebook and Pen

How Lilli Miss Saved the Lilliputian Tree

Meet Lilli Miss. The most caring little girl you’ll ever meet. And when she cares about someone or something, she’ll reach for the stars to show just how much! If you’re ready to take a quest to see How Lilli Miss Saved the Lilliputian Tree, this animated tale is just the adventure for you.

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Ty Scott King

Ty Scott King is an award-winning, Billboard charting artist who has fine-tuned a balance between poetry and hip hop. Her poetic voice has been featured in radio ads for major corporations such as McDonald’s, Aveeno, and Pizza Hut. Ty has also appeared on major television networks, performed at the U.S. Pentagon, and is a bestselling author and founder of The R.I.S.E. Up Arts Initiative.

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